Canadian School of Public Service,

Stanley Knowles Building, Winnipeg MB 

Public Works Government Services Canada, Stanley Knowles Building, 391 York Ave, Winnipeg MB  

Description & Goals:

Located at the Crown Owned Stanley Knowles Building in Winnipeg, Manitoba, The Canadian School of Public Service (CSPS)’s primary responsibility is to provide a broad range of learning opportunities and establish a culture of learning within the Public Service. The CSPS strives to be the school of choice for public servants by offering the highest quality of learning experiences. 

The project scope included a complete renovation of approximately half of the 2nd floor or approx. 547.5 Sqm of office space according to Government of Canada Workplace 2.0 Fit-up Standards. 


Design:  August 2016  October 2015 
Construction: January 2016 – December 2016


Project Budget:  $1,300,000

HDK Design Scope of Work:

  • Mechanical Engineering 
  • Electrical Engineering 
  • Telecommunications & A/V 
  • Commissioning Activities (Cx)  


  • Schematic Design Report. 
  • 50, 99 and 100% Construction Drawings and Specs. 
  • Tender-Ready Construction Documents. 
  • Site Inspections and Progress Meetings. 
  • Shop Drawing Reviews. 

Scope of Services (Per PWGSC SOW): 

1.10 Commissioning (Cx) Service 

1.11 Pre-Design Service 

1.12 Schematic Design (3 viable options) 

1.13 Design Development Services 

1.14 Construction Document Services 

1.15 Construction Procurement Services 

1.16 Construction and Contract Administration Service 

1.17 Post Construction Services