Department of National Defence

ESS Toronto Zone 3 Major Armoury Repairs (SOA), Ontario 


HDK Consulting Incorporated was retained as a sub-consultant as part of the Ontario Region DCC Standing Offer Agreement to provide Mechanical and Electrical Engineering for 3 Armouries located in Ontario. DCC had an aggressive schedule to perform the design work and subsequent construction.  

The Major Armouries repair project involved overall building renovations of multiple Canadian Forces sites in the greater Toronto area: the SGT. W. Merrifield Armoury in Brantford, Ontario; Lake Street Armouries in Ste Catharines, Ontario; the John Foote Armouries in Hamilton, Ontario 

The Mechanical Engineering work was part of the Initiative to phase out all hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC) for DND Facilities across Canada. HDK Consulting was engaged by DCC to replace R22 HVAC equipment with new equipment utilizing R410A refrigerant.   

In this project, HDK removed older roof top units and window air conditioners and replaced these systems with variable refrigerant flow heat pumps systems, replaced perimeter heating systems, and added energy recovery ventilators to provide much needed ventilation to occupied spaces.  As a result, thermal comfort and indoor air quality was drastically improved for occupants in these historic Canadian buildings. 

Three of the four sites are considered Heritage sites by FHBRO. As a result, careful coordination with all disciplines was required. 


  • Assist client on an emergency basis. 
  • Deliver a project in a fully operational Heritage building. 
  • Perform project engineering work that requires a government of Manitoba security clearance. 


  • The client contacted HDK Consulting to work on a project that had non-functioning life safety systems at a remote location 
  • The Manitoba Legislature is a recognized Heritage building built in 1912. Careful coordination with Heritage Conservation Officers is required for all work in the building. 
  • The Government of Manitoba requires consultants to obtain security clearances to visit the site or attendance at site meetings. 


HDK Consulting, 2016 Completion 


  • Mechanical upgrades with focus of removing all R22 refrigerants, providing ventilation to heritage buildings, and upgrading hydronic/steam heating systems. 
  • Call-ups were within the estimated construction values of Required Services and scope of services and mirrored scope/character of hypothetical projects identified in this RFSO. 
  • Work is being performed under a standing offer agreement. 


RS 2.1.3 Analysis of Project Scope of Work 

RS 2.1.4 Design Concept 

RS 2.1.5 Design Development 

RS 2.1.6 Construction Documents, Pre-Tender Construction Cost Estimate and Project Schedule 

RS 2.1.7 Tender Call, Bid Evaluation and Construction Contract Award 

RS 2.1.8 Construction and Contract Administration 


1.Basis of Design Report and Specifications. 

2.66 / 99 /100% Construction Drawings and Specs. 

3.Tender-Ready Construction Documents. 

4.Site Inspections and Progress Meetings. 

5.Shop Drawing Reviews. 

6.CCN Production and Review. 

7.Progress Claim Reports. 




Project Completion:

June – Oct 2015 to March 2016

May – Dec 2016

Dec 2016



Construction Budget:





Assist client on an urgent basis.


Funding and Code Compliant-Driven tight design schedule 


Detailed design plan involving extended site work to ensure good quality site information.  


Deliver a project in a fully operational Heritage building.


Three of the four project locations are recognized heritage buildings with FHBRO. 


HDK Consulting has worked on numerous heritage buildings, meetings with the stakeholders early in the process assured heritage permits did not delay the construction of the project. We ensured that the mechanical and electrical upgrades were reversible and inline with the Heritage statement for the facility. 


Perform engineering work in security sensitive locations. 


The Department of National Defence requires consultants to obtain security clearances to visit the site or attendance at site meetings. 


HDK Consulting’s staff have appropriate Security Clearances. New Employees are required to apply for clearances upon being hired at HDK. This ensures our team is consistent for this type of work. 


Fast-track and deliver on multiple projects simultaneously


March 31st “Drop dead” Design Deadline  


HDK Consulting added team resources to the projects to ensure the right deadlines were met.