Leaf Rapids

Town Centre Life Safety Upgrades

Project Description:

Design upgrades to critical life safety components of 1970’s era civic building’s nonfunctioning fire protection and fire alarm systems with direct implications to building main distribution.

Client + Location:

Government of Manitoba-Standing Offer 

Leaf Rapids Town Centre , Leaf Rapids, MB


Consultant Fees: (including Project Management, Fire Protection and Detection System and Fire Protection and Detection Engineering): $212,000.00 



Design Schedule:

May 2014 – Dec 2014

Construction Timeline:

February 2014 – Nov 2015 (complete)

RS2.1 Pre-Design Services: 

RS2.1.1 Feasibility Studies / Options Analysis 

RS2.1.2 Project Approach 

RS2.1.3 Implementation Strategy and Schedule 

RS2.1.4 Site Condition Reports and Performance Audits 

RS2.1.5 Infrastructure Evaluation & Recommendations Reports 

RS2.1.8 Order of Magnitude Class ‘D’ (indicative) Cost Reports 

RS2.0 Concept Design 

RS3.0 Design Development 

RS4.0 Construction Documents 

RS5.0 Tender Call, Bid Evaluation & Construction Contract Award 

RS6.0 Construction & Contract Administration & Post-Construction Warranty Review 

The Project involved an entire life safety upgrade to a remote location in Northern Manitoba and included:  

  • Replace non-functioning Fire Alarm System in entire complex. 
  • Replace diesel fire pump with electric fire pump for entire complex. 
  • Install new life safety generator for all life safety systems. 
  • Upgrade sprinkler fire protection systems for entire complex. 
  • Upgrade emergency lighting, exit signs and all systems to current code & in discussion with the office of the fire commissioner. 

Project Background:

The Leaf Rapids Town Centre is in a remote community accessible by road 250km north east of Thompson Manitoba. The Leaf Rapids Town Centre was created in the early 1970’s during the operation of a Mine located close to the town. The Leaf Rapids Town Centre is a large facility which includes all the town amenities, including hotel, hospital, curling rink, ice skating rink, grocery store, post office and K-12 school.  

Originally the facility was designed to support a community of 4000 occupants. Gradually over time the community has dwindled to a population of around 400 people.  

HDK Consulting was retained by the Government of Manitoba to perform emergency upgrades to bring the life safety systems to code compliance and repair the system to ensure the facility was safe for the occupants. 

Lack of regular maintenance in the Mechanical and Electrical life safety systems resulted in a non-functioning fire protection and fire alarm system.  

Objectives & Constraints

  • Bring Fire Alarm, Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems up to code in compliance with Office of the Fire Commissioner. 
  • Ensure that the K-12 school occupants can exit the building in a safe manner. 
  • Provide a design that meets the client’s timeline due to the emergency nature of the project. 
  • Remote location required efficient site visits and construction reviews. 


  • Options analysis, Basis of Design Reports. 
  • 66 / 99 /100% Construction Drawings and Specifications. 
  • Tender-Ready Construction Documents. 
  • Site Inspections and Progress Meetings. 
  • Shop Drawing Reviews. 
  • CCN Production and Review. 
  • Progress Claim Reports. 
  • Commissioning Services 
  • List and confirmation of Substantial Completion. 


  • Electrical, Mechanical and Security and Communications Engineering (Prime Consultant),  
  • Structural & Civil Engineering,  
  • Architectural,  
  • Cost Consulting,  
  • Commissioning 
  • Project Management