Corrections Centre Security Upgrade

Headingley, Manitoba

Project Description:

The Headingley Corrections Centre (HCC) is the primary male detention centre for the province of Manitoba. It also includes both medium and maximum security areas to support federal inmates. HDK Consulting was contracted to provide an upgrade to the video surveillance system at the facility for the external areas of the facility. HDK Consulting consulted with Manitoba Justice to determine requirements and engineered the system to include a retrofit to the backbone infrastructure to support future projects and to provide pole mounted cameras in the outside areas of the campus.  


Client + Location:

Department of Justice, Government of Manitoba, Headingley, MB



Design Schedule:

January – September 2015

Construction Timeline:

March 2016 – June 2017

  • Analysis of Project Scope of Work. 
  • Design Development. 
  • Construction Documents, Cost Verification, Scheduling. 
  • Construction support Services. 
  • Assistance with Commissioning Activities. 
  • Post-Construction Warranty Review. 
  • As-built, O&M document review. 
  • Basis of Design Report and Specifications. 
  • 66 / 99 /100% Construction Drawings and Specifications. 
  • Tender-Ready Construction Documents. 
  • Site Inspections and Progress Meetings. 
  • Shop Drawing Reviews. 
  • PCN Production and Review. 
  • Progress Claim Reports. 
  • Deficiency List and confirmation of Substantial Completion.