Agriculture AgriFood Canada

Brandon Development Centre Building Expansion, Brandon MB

Project Description:

Design of a new 950 sq metre expansion to accommodate a regional research facility and laboratory’s barley breeding research program.

Client + Location:

Public Works Government Services Canada-Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada,   Brandon Research Centre,   Brandon MB.




*Increased due to Owner Change in Requirements during Construction



Design Schedule:

August 2015 – May 2016

Construction Timeline:

July 2016 – July 2017

Scope of Work:

The scope called for a purpose-built structure to address overcrowding, lack of storage and other inefficiencies as well as to bring the Centre back up to par with facilities elsewhere in the country.  

Specific electrical upgrades included: 

  • power distribution and customer metering, 
  • telecommunications
  • fire alarm system,  
  • mechanical equipment wiring,  
  • analyzing and identifying future needs 

RS2.1 Pre-Design Services: 


RS2.1.1 Feasibility Studies / Options Analysis 


RS2.1.2 Project Approach 


RS2.1.3 Implementation Strategy and Schedule 


RS2.1.4 Site Condition Reports and Performance Audits 


RS2.1.5 Infrastructure Evaluation & Recommendations Reports 


RS2.1.6 Engineering/Geotechnical or Other Investigations 


RS2.1.7 Environmental Protection Requirements 


RS2.1.8 Order of Magnitude Class ‘D’ (indicative) Cost Reports 


RS2.1.9 Hydrology and Drainage Structure Sizing Design 


RS2.1.10 Regulatory Issues 

RS2.0 Concept Design 

RS3.0 Design Development 

RS4.0 Construction Documents 

RS5.0 Tender Call, Bid Evaluation & Construction Contract Award 

RS6.0 Construction & Contract Administration & Post-Construction Warranty Review 

Project Description:

HDK Consulting was retained as the Prime Consultant for the new seed processing facility for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s (AAFC), HDK Consulting lead a team of Architects, Structural Engineering, Cost Consultants, Civil Engineers and our in-house team of Mechanical, Electrical Communications and Security Engineering resources The Project involved the design of new crop services building of approximately 950 m2 to accommodate the barley breeding program at the Brandon Research Centre (BRC). The existing Cereals Building is in excess of 50 years old and while there have been significant upgrades – including heating and insulation – the expected life of the existing facility without a significant investment is uncertain. A new purposebuilt structure was needed to improve efficiencies by ensuring that seed cleaning, storage and offices are in one location. The existing structure has insufficient shortterm storage space causing great deal of wasted time moving samples around. In addition, the cleaning area was crowded, and the dust management system required extensive upgrading to meet current capacity. The new facility brings the two barley programs up to the same standard as the recently completed facility for the breeding programs moved from Winnipeg. 


Objectives & Constraints

Successfully leading and managing a multi-disciplinary consultant team effort to deliver a purpose-built structure that addresses the client’s overcrowding and inefficient operation. 

A tight client budget and tight design and construction schedule, inflexible environmental requirements throughout all stages and strict availability requirements.


  • Site Investigation & Pre-Design Report that includes Owner Project Requirements, Basis of Design, a Class D Estimate and Proposed Project Schedule.  
  • Design Development Report with Code Analysis Report and Alternative Solutions Report.  
  • Construction Documents, Specifications and Class A Cost Estimates mirroring submittals.  
  • Tender,  
  • Construction Support,  
  • Warranty, Commissioning Services 


  • Electrical, Mechanical and Security and Communications Engineering (Prime Consultant),  
  • Structural & Civil Engineering,  
  • Architectural,  
  • Cost Consulting,  
  • Commissioning 
  • Project Management