4 Wing, CFB
Cold Lake AB

Replacing Dust Extraction System – Building 7  


Phase I goals were to perform study to identify deficiencies in the existing Dust Collection System in order to produce a report with findings and recommendations for repair and upgrade. Phase II is to include design and construction based on the proposed recommended option. 


Mechanical & Electrical Engineer


Ph I: $16,950 / Ph II: TBD


$400,000 (Est.)


Ph I: April 2019 – July 2019 / Ph I: TBD

Functional Requirements:

  • Compatibility with 13 different wood working equipment used in the Shop. 
  • Safely and effectively collect dust from a maximum of seven (7) machines. 
  • Meet and/or exceed all safety criteria per latest standards while within budget. 
  • Function reliably and consistently. 
  • Be free of HAZMAT risks (i.e., asbestos and lead paint) given age of the building 

Technical Requirements:

  • Comprehensive survey of all dust-producing equipment and calculations to determine volume of extraction required to meet recommended capture velocities. 
  • Review of existing dust collection ductwork to ensure velocity in ductwork were above minimum requirements. 
  • Analyze requirements for spark detection, fire protection and deflagration hazards in order to propose options that meet current Codes and Standards 
  • Proposed constructions/installations were selected based on meeting requirements of latest editions of: Alberta Building Code; National Building Code of Canada; National Plumbing Code of Canada; CAN/CSA –B651-95: Barrier-free Design; 4 Wing Asbestos Management Program, 2007; FMD 4003 – Fire Protection & Life Safety Engineering Design and CF Fire M. Directive; FMD 4005 – Partial Occupancy, Fire M. Directive.  

Significant Issues, Challenges and Constraints:

  • Work could not interfere with ongoing work, or disturb building occupants, public and base activities/operations. 
  • Occupied building where users remained throughout Phase I (study and design) 
  • No ability to use tools or equipment on site; Consultant responsible for detailed planning given limited windows of opportunity to gather all required information.  

Abbreviated Scope of Services (per RS1.1):

Feasibility Study (Report).:

  • Analyze project requirements/program; 
  • Review & verify existing documentation 
  • Site Visit & Investigation 
  • Assess building services’ availability and capacity, including renewable energy and new technologies;  
  • Investigate and report on all applicable codes, regulations standards, including (but not limited to): NBC, CLC, MNEC, NFPA;  
  • Condition Assessment 
  • Identify and verify all authorities (AHJs)  
  • Prepare recommendations in a report  

Options Analysis (but not limited to):

  • Formulate three (3) optionsschematiconly; 
  • Class ‘D’ Order of Magnitude Cost (for each option);  
  • Write a Report on recommended option.